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Redirect users to new URL based on current URL

I’ll be using JavaScript and the new feature called URLSearchParams for creating a new url out of the current URL and forward the user to it.Why?My use case was to forward my users to Google Play Store on Android using a link shared through Unity Android application. Now the Play Store link or Market link… Read More »

Roblox for Xbox One

Apparently this is one of the Best free game you can find for Xbox One. I happen to have wasted 6 over hours today playing games on Xbox One and went on to play Roblox Speed Run for like 2 hours. I also live streamed on Twitch for sometime and then on YouTube, needless to… Read More »

How to delete system apps from Android phone

System apps are neccessary apps that keeps the functionality of the phone intact. But in awe of sponsers most of the mobile companies load the phone with many useless apps which no one intends to use and they take up unneccesary space in the phone.There is a way to delete such apps. But you need… Read More »