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How to use ads.txt file in Blogspot Blog

Google Adsense recently rolled out a new requirement to be met so that your ads are displayed properly. That is to use proper ads.txt file.If you have logged into your Adsense recently you would’ve seen the warning of earnings at risk. If you click on “fix now” you’ll get to see a page where you… Read More »

How to transfer your Domain to CloudFlare

Cloudflare recently came into Domain Registrar Business and they’re probably the best when it comes to pricing. Why?No markup. No surprise fees.”That’s right. Apparently, there is not much of a service you need once you registered a domain and it pointing to right name servers. Now in order to transfer your domain from a different registrar to… Read More »

What’s Domain Authority and how you can increase it

Domain authority is one of the many factors(yet a very important one) which affects the placement of your website’s content in searches.Although Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) plays a very crucial role in making your content accessible in search results Domain Authority covers an entirely different aspect.It states a level of importance of the Webpage or website,… Read More »

How to add a Google Translate Option to Blogger

Ever since Reliance Jio came to India, the amount of active Internet users in India has increased significantly. These high number of user are not always English speaking and there comes a necessity to have translate options on your blog. Although having such a plugin for translation does not really serve any better purpose like more… Read More »

Website design that affects your traffic

A good design is an obvious design. Sometimes the most convenient design might look boring but it might be the most productive as well. How much does a website design affect your website’s traffic? Depending on the amount of traffic being the users on Mobile and slow Internet this number could variate a lot. How? To… Read More »