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Generate Passive Income Ideas

This is meant for anyone who is looking forward to setup an online business and or make money online. You might be surprised by how long the little efforts can go when working online.But then again nothing in this world is free neither is making money. I will be sharing ways to popularize your Internet… Read More »

How to make a Video Game for beginners

If you are interested in making video games and have no idea as for where to start from, keep reading. By the end of this article you will have a round view of how a certain game is made and or how you can begin making games on your own. This article is a part… Read More »

Welcome to CODA Themes

This is a two day project initiated today, more precisely now.Objective: is to create a Blogspot theme from scratch.Audience being any one who want s to make blogspot themes that you can sell or just give away for free downloads. What we will be doing here is make a dummy template first. Then apply all… Read More »