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How to upload your project to Github

So you’re writing all kind of codes now and you want to collaborate with other developers in your team or just simply want to back up your precious code. There are a number of ways to do it. You could simply just a make a zip out of your project and upload it to one… Read More »

Java Programming Basics to Brilliance Part 2

This post is a progression to previous post here. Java Syntax Every language in this world has a syntax so does a programming language like Java. Now take a look at the following programming which simply prints the all famous “hello world.” public class play { public static void main(String[] args){ System.out.println(“hello world.”); } } In… Read More »

How to MySQL with EasyPHP

PHP and MySQL always go side by side. Now if you are going to build a PHP website that would be saving any kind of that you will need a database to store that data. MySQL is that database which will be saving your data, and to access, modify or save data in this database… Read More »