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How to take screenshot on Windows

When working in a team often times we come across the situation where we need to share what is on our screen. A screenshot is a still picture of what is on your screen.  Following are different ways you can take screenshot on Windows. 1. Print Screen and Ctrl + VThis method works irrespective of the… Read More »

Best FREE Alternatives to Photoshop

As good as Adobe Photoshop is, not everyone can afford to own a licensed version. Most of the Photoshop version out there in use are just pirated copies. But is it really that necessary?Unless you are running a million dollar enterprise or a graphics developer team I really don’t see any good reason for having… Read More »

How to MySQL with EasyPHP

PHP and MySQL always go side by side. Now if you are going to build a PHP website that would be saving any kind of that you will need a database to store that data. MySQL is that database which will be saving your data, and to access, modify or save data in this database… Read More »