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Removing adware from Chrome

Removing and so on. If your Google search results are filled with useless thumbnails and links are redirected through your Google Chrome is infected with a malicious javascript which probably came attached with one of the Chrome Extension.   Problem: Google Search results have thumbnails in front of them and links are redirected … Read More »

Publish to Blogspot in 3 clicks using Chrome

BlogThis! for Blogger/Blogspot was discontinued.  BlogThis! was a Chrome Extension that lets you quickly publish a blog post.  BlogThis would allow the users to just click on the extension icon and write the post. Now that it is discontinued I managed to make a work around for it. I'm using a simple email shortcut extension… Read More »

Cryptocurrency mining explained for beginners

With the recent shortcomings, the fate of cryptocurrency in India is still unsure. Even though various media groups have posted the Panel favours ban of cryptocurrency, the case is still pending.But if you’re interested in what the Department of Economic Affairs of India has to say about cryptocurrency, you can check out the signed report… Read More »

Remove all Liked Videos on YouTube

Do you find a need to remove all the video you’ve ever liked?  Well, you can do it but let me first be clear here that there is no coming back. Once you remove all the videos from your Liked Playlist or whatever you call it, it’s gone.  Now if that is clear to you,… Read More »

How to transfer your Domain to CloudFlare

Cloudflare recently came into Domain Registrar Business and they’re probably the best when it comes to pricing. Why?No markup. No surprise fees.”That’s right. Apparently, there is not much of a service you need once you registered a domain and it pointing to right name servers. Now in order to transfer your domain from a different registrar to… Read More »