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Redirect users to new URL based on current URL

I’ll be using JavaScript and the new feature called URLSearchParams for creating a new url out of the current URL and forward the user to it.Why?My use case was to forward my users to Google Play Store on Android using a link shared through Unity Android application. Now the Play Store link or Market link… Read More »

SQL in a nutshell | Learn SQL

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL is used to access and modify the data in a database.All dynamic web applications and websites make use of a database and only way to access these database is through SQL.Now practically what happens is that a programming language passes an SQL command which returns the result which… Read More »

How to make a Responsive Blog Theme

With the increasing number of mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, netbooks it is necessary to have Responsive Design for your Blog if you don’t want your visitor zooming in and zooming out of the webpages to read.A Responsive Design results in a Webpage or Website which is easier to navigate through and easy to read.… Read More »

Free Blogspot Template CODA Basic 2.0 Final and Stable Version

This shall be the last version of the CODA Basic Theme since I can’t find any bugs or place for improvement(for now). Although of course if I find one I will update the theme. Theme screen shots are below. Download link: If you are looking for previous versions or instructions for the template go to… Read More »