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Where to find all your YouTube Comments

It’s in the History section of YouTube. First off, open your History on YouTube. Then on your right, you’ll see different options that can be checked.  Check Comments and you’ll get to see all your YouTube comments you’ve ever made. Yea I said some awkward things 8 years ago.

How to abuse Batlepass DOTA 2

Now available How to abuse DOTA 2 Battle Pass 2020 DOTA 2 is an immensely popular RPG game and is well known for hosting the Biggest prize pool competition for last 4 years since The International 2014. Now if you’ve ever bought the Battlepass you contributed to this prize pool. Anyway, it’s totally worth its value… Read More »

[FIXED] DOTA2 Ping for BSNL users

A few days ago I wrote a little trick to improve your ping with BSNL by restarting the router until you get a better ping, well I just came across a solution which works every time. Although it is still not permanent it’s just one-time effort you have to do before starting DOTA2. Step 1:… Read More »