Publish to Blogspot in 3 clicks using Chrome

BlogThis! for Blogger/Blogspot was discontinued.  BlogThis! was a Chrome Extension that lets you quickly publish a blog post.  BlogThis would allow the users to just click on the extension icon and write the post. Now that it is discontinued I managed to make a work around for it. I'm using a simple email shortcut extension… Read More »

How to upload your project to Github

So you’re writing all kind of codes now and you want to collaborate with other developers in your team or just simply want to back up your precious code. There are a number of ways to do it. You could simply just a make a zip out of your project and upload it to one… Read More »

Redirect users to new URL based on current URL

I’ll be using JavaScript and the new feature called URLSearchParams for creating a new url out of the current URL and forward the user to it.Why?My use case was to forward my users to Google Play Store on Android using a link shared through Unity Android application. Now the Play Store link or Market link… Read More »

Cryptocurrency mining explained for beginners

With the recent shortcomings, the fate of cryptocurrency in India is still unsure. Even though various media groups have posted the Panel favours ban of cryptocurrency, the case is still pending.But if you’re interested in what the Department of Economic Affairs of India has to say about cryptocurrency, you can check out the signed report… Read More »

How to use ads.txt file in Blogspot Blog

Google Adsense recently rolled out a new requirement to be met so that your ads are displayed properly. That is to use proper ads.txt file.If you have logged into your Adsense recently you would’ve seen the warning of earnings at risk. If you click on “fix now” you’ll get to see a page where you… Read More »

How to make neon light signs in Unity 3D

As part of my game, I was trying to create a whole apartment like environment. I decided to call it a motel instead. So I had to put a sign saying it’s a motel(how else would people know right?) To create the simple glowing text you need text mesh pro. It’s available in Asset Store… Read More »